Using the Noticeboards

The Noticeboard news system allows website managers to quickly publish short news items to the website. These news items are usually  summarise on the home page of a site so visitors can quickly check for new news. The news items are also available as RSS feeds. The BBC website has a good description of RSS feeds and their uses.

News items are ordered by the news item date, the date is was created with the most recent at the top.

All noticeboard changes are completed from the frontend website.

Add News

  1. First log in to the backend website manager
  2. After you have logged in you can return to the frontend website and go to the noticeboard page on your site that you wish to add the news to.
  3. Edit//Del buttons will now be displayed against any existing news items and above these will be an Add News button used to add a new news item. If these buttons are not visible it is likely you do not have security access to edit the noticeboard or are not longer logged in to the manager (step 1).
  4. Click on the Add News button  to add a new news item. You will be presented with a blank news item.
  5. Enter a title into the Title field at the top. Try to keep this short, say 10 words max.
  6. In the editor area below you may add your news item. Any information can be added here and links can be made in the usual way to other pages etc. It is advised not to insert images directly into the news item content as for news items there is an easier way (see using the gallery).
  7. Finally click Save News Item to save this news and return to the noticeboard page.

Edit an Existing News Item

  1. Click the Edit button next to the news item you wish to edit.
  2. The news item information is shown and can be edited as for adding news above.
  3. Finally remember to click Save News Item to store the changes and return to the noticeboard page.

Delete a News Item

  1. Click the Del button next to the news item you wish to remove.
  2. A confirmation window will display asking if you wish to delete the event.
  3. Click OK to delete the news, or Cancel to leave the news in place.
  4. If the news item is deleted it cannot be retrieved!


Reset news item date to now - This is a checkbox in the top right corner when you create or edit a news item. Checking this box will reset the date of the news item and hence the order of the news items will change, bringing this item to the top of the list.

Make Sticky - This is a checkbox in the top right corner when you create or edit a news item. Not all managers will have access to this option. Checking this box forces the news item to remain at the top of the list regardless of the news item date and any new news items that are added.

Help and FAQ Overview

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