Uploading and linking files

You can upload text files, PDFs and other files to be linked to from within a website page. Be aware many files will require software on a website visitors PC to view the file. For example to view a PDF, acrobat reader, a fee download is required. It is not good practice to link to Word document. Usually these should be saved as PDFs. Take careful though as to if you need to upload a file to link to. If there is no complex formating or images in the document you may be better to paste the contents into a web page following this tutorial. This will give better internet search engine exposure for your content and attract more visitors to your site.

Uploading and linking a file in text

  1. Open the website manager and edit the page you require to add the PDF link to.
  2. Select the text in the 'Resource Content' area that you wish to link to the PDF file.
  3. Click the 'Insert/edit link' icon (icon of a chain link).
  4. In the new window click the 'Browse' icon for the ‘Link URL'.
  5. The KCFinder window will display. Files for different sections of the website are usually stored in distinct sub-folders. Click on the folder for the section you require to store the PDF file. If a suitable section does not exist then right click a folder and select ‘New Subfolder'. It is advised not to use spaces in folder names.
  6. To load the PDF into the folder either drag and drop the file into the window or click the Upload menu item at the top of the window.
  7. The uploaded file will then be displayed in the KCFinder window.
  8. Double click this uploaded PDF and the KCFinder window will close.
  9. Click 'Insert' to add the link to the text.

 Uploading and linking a file as a menu item

  1. Right click on the resource where you wish to contain the weblink (this is in the same way you would start to create a new resource).
  2. Select Create weblink here from the menu list.
  3. A new weblink resource will be displayed. Give it a title just like any other resource.
  4. Then for the Weblink field click the Insert button to display the resource window.
  5. Select the folder where the uploaded file will be stored.
  6. Click Upload to load the file into the folder.
  7. Select this file in the resource browser (double click) and the window will close.
  8. Finally ensure the Published? checkbox is set (settings tab) before saving the new Weblink resource.

The linked resource can be changed by editing the Weblink and clicking the Insert button. Then either upload another file or select another existing file from one of the folders. Remember to delete any documents you no longer require to reduce disk usage. 

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