Resources Browser is blank

If you open the resources browser by clicking the Browse icon to link to a file or upload a new file for linking and the resources browser does not list the current folders and files for the website then it is likely to be a cookies problem with Internet Explorer.

To fix the problem:

  • For IE7 select Tools->Internet Options, then the Delete... button.
  • Next click Delete files...
  • Click Delete cookies...
  • You will then need to make sure you close the browser window, then reopen it and log back in.

Another possibility is you are using Internet Explorer 10. In which case you may need to change the compatibility view:

  • Open the resource browser open 'FCKeditor - Resource Browser' pageas if you wanted to add a resource
  • There is a small blue icon in the top right of the window, just below the red cross to close the window which is titled 'Compatibility View...' when you hover the mouse over it.
  • Click this once to switch compatility on. If this is the issue then you will immediately see the files and folders as expected.

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