• Backend - the manager interface where site managers can edit the web structure and content. This is not accessable by the public visiting the website.
  • CMF - This website is designed using a Content Management Framework (CMF), or sometime known as Content Management System (CMS).
  • Frontend - the normal website that the general public can view.
  • Manager - A person able to update one or more sections of the webpages by visiting the manager page: /manager
  • Resource - usually refers to a page of the website, but can represent a link on the website menu.
  • Menu Title - Optional. Can be used to override the title used in the menu.
  • Password - Please ensure your password is reasonable secure. It must be at lease 6 characters long, preferably 8-10. Do not make it obvious! I.e. do NOT use your name, or 'password' as the password.
  • Page ID - The number after every page i.e. 'Diary (2)' is a unique identified for the page. Where more than one page have the same title this number will help distinguish the pages.
  • Title - Used to label a website page and used within the manager It is also used as the label for the website menu.

Help and FAQ Overview

Glossary - Common terms used in these help pages.

Best Practice - Some golden rules for creating website content.

Help Topics

Using the Diary - (if installed)

Using the Headline Ticker - (if installed)

Using the Gallery - (if installed)

Using the NEW Gallery - (if installed)

Using the eNewsletter - (if installed)

Using the NEW eNewsletter - (if installed)

Using the Noticeboards - (if installed)

Using the Upload/Download Table - How to load files such as PDFs to the website and link text to the file.

Creating and Editing Webpages - Basic instructions on create pages.

Formatting Content - Good practice for formatting text content, headings and tables

Adding Text from an Existing Document (e.g. MS Word) - Instructions on including external text.

Uploading and linking files - How to load files such as PDFs to the website and link text to the file.

Linking to other pages - Link text to an external page or other page on the website.

Linking to sections on the same page - Link text to a paragraph on the same page using 'Anchors'.

Adding and Deleting Images - Embedding images in your text.

Managing Member Accounts - (if installed)


I have forgotten my password - How to reset it.