Adding Text from an Existing Document (e.g. MS Word)

Firstly, if you have text in an existing document on your PC you can add it to the website without retyping it. You may have some reformatting to do after getting the text into the website, but this is usually a lot less work than typing it in from scratch.

For this example we will consider a Microsoft Word document, but it is a similar process for any text from any document.

Where possible try NOT to use MS Word as your editor. Many of the style and editing features in MS Word (or other text editors) are not fully compatible with website content.
-  If you are creating website only content thne if possible use the built in site editor and styles to create your content straight into the website. It is specifically designed for the job and is more likely to keep your page design under control!

To add a Microsoft Word document to the website you will copy and paste the text from within the document to the website. You should not upload the Word Document to the site and link to it as the text in the Word document will not be read by search engines and so your site will be less 'searchable' for visitors, and ultimately bring less visitors to your site!

Adding Microsoft Word text to a page

  1. Open the website manager and edit the page resource you require to add the Word text to, or creat a new website page if needed.
  2. Place the cursor at the position in the 'Resource Content' area that you wish to have the Word Document text inserted.
  3. Next, leave the website as it is and open up your Word document in the usual way.
  4. Select all the text you wish to extract from your Word Document and copy it, either using Ctrl+C or Edit->Copy or the Copy icon from the menu. This will add the text to the computer paste buffer.
  5. Now return to the website content editor.
  6. Use CRTL+V keys or right click and select paste.
  7. The text will now be shown in the current website page and you can edit and add styles and formats in the normal way. You will notice no images are included and much of the formatting is removed to make the text compliant with the website. Images will need adding separately. See adding images.
  8. You can now save the document to retain the page changes additions.


Some MS Word documents may not convert very well. In this case you can insert the document content without any formatting using the Paste as Plain Text menu button.

Instead of step 6. above:

  1. Click the Paste as Plain Text menu button, whcih will become highlighted. This will mean any text that you paste in will automatically have formatting removed.
  2. Use CRTL+V keys or right click and select paste as before.
  3. You can then click the Paste as Plain Text menu button to set the paste back to normal. 

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